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Bullets, me bunny.

  1. Yay for ayrynkats!
  2. Sa Bai Tong is now my standard out-of-towner meal.
  3. Camera shop on Odana has the Nikon d70.
  4. Candles raise my desire.
  5. I realized this morning that, with the incoming certification bonus, standard savings amount, and general anti-consumerism attitude, I reach my arbitrary savings goal to be able to buy my camera two months earlier than expected.
  6. suburbaknght looks really good in silk.
  7. Anniversary dinner tonight; hopefully there will be no Russians like last year.
  8. I seem to have lifted my ban on arbitrary friendings on LJ.
  9. I'm not going to feel guilty for posting multiple times a day.
  10. Two months early! That means I could get my camera early June...
  11. Spring must catalyze my hormones.
  12. Oh, I am so far away.
  13. I have no fridaypoll idea. I have failed today!
  14. I'm not the one who is so far away.
  15. Must get cat food today.
  16. Skinamarinky-dinkydee, skinamarinkydoo. I love you.
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