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I wish!

He's a benighted coffee-fuelled inventor with a mysterious suitcase handcuffed to his arm. She's a cynical out-of-work queen of the dead living on borrowed time. They fight crime!
They Fight Crime!
Thanks to suburbaknght for the link.

Only certain people know what's in the case. >:)

Slept long and hard last night. It was a long, trying day. and no matter what I do, I am requited with nothing. There was a small token of good yesterday, though, which will likely make up for it all
These four statements may not be related.

Theoretically seeing ayrynkat tonight. Shoulda remembered and gotten all gussied up for it.
Oh and I finally got my VPN working. The whole trouble this past six months? The server is beaker, not breaker. Me = dunderhead.
For aetrix9 - Soy may trigger migraines. (link from que_emocionante! [the crazy minx]) It's speaks of MSG as the problem substance but soy products contain MSG as a byproduct of processing, usually listed as multodextrine or hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
For the first time, like ever, Melissa Ethridge's music is really resonating with me. Curious.
And what's even more strange is that, in my mind, she's singing this song in a full Klingon costume.
Song: I want to come over.

Am I still dreaming?
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