The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Nasty, big, pointy teeth!

Why do people have cameras on bad hair days? 'Course, I've needed a haircut for about a month...

He made me take off my glasses. I'm not sure why; I like my glasses.
Least he shared the images of the rest of the team but I shouldn't post those without permission.
However, this really is how I prefer to picture myself in my head. :)

    Had a good night last night.
  1. My Photoshop-fu is ever increasing.
  2. I continue to get good reactions over cat photos and shibari photos.
  3. I emailed Inferno about displaying/selling my shibari photos.
  4. Had a series of interesting revelations due to Sunday morning's post.
  5. FINALLY finished Michael Moore's Stupid White Men. It took a lot of effort to finish it. But I did.

    Boo! VPN still not working. I get to drop my laptop of with CATS before a meeting tomorrow. Pbbttll.
    So torn if connecting to work from home is a good thing....
Tags: bullet entries, vanity
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