The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


A fake day at the beach. Taken 5/30/05 by Me.

I was talking with nathan_lounge last night, on the phone no less, and he suggested a very good thing: take some time off! Real time off, like take some days and go do something. He, like me at the moment, think I'm partially burnt out for various work and personal reasons. Donc, I'm taking his advice. I'm taking 5/5-5/10 off. Five days to do anything I may want to do. Funny thing, I have no idea what I want to do.

    I'm currently considering:
  1. Moving into Inferno.
  2. Visiting Beloiters since that's around exam time and many may be free.
  3. Visiting my Dad in Chicago
  4. Going clubbing in Chicago
  5. Going to a bunch of museums in Chicago
  6. Going clubbing in Milwaukee
  7. Closing Wolski's in Milwaukee
  8. Getting gratuitous amounts of sex.

I favor the last one especially but no clue how to go about it. :) Going to see my Dad would be a good thing so I suppose I'm leaning towards Chicago, but he's a little far out f the city to facilitate lots of debauchery in the city. I'd have to drive back each evening.

Suggestions welcome. Keep in mind that I do not wish to spend lots of money. I'm trying to keep cost to a minimum otherwise I'll kill the savings I just made when I was diong so well making them.

What should I do with my days off?

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