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Stupid hail AGAIN this morning. Had to blanket my car when it doubled in size from pea-sized to bubble-gum-sized. Noted swirling clouds after blanketing my car. Seems that Verona has some interesting wind patterns. Wind coming from the East (heading west) gets swept South, around Madison and whipped back up to the Northwest. What ever causes the redirect westward seem to happen very near my apartment. This is the second time I spent half an hour watching clouds and contemplated what to grab if we were going to get hit. This time, though, I was pleased that I had no desire to save anything but my laptop, cats and girlfriend. Last time I was wondering if I'd have enough time for trips. I think I'm growing less materialistic.

Friday was not good as expected.

Saturday night was interesting. We went to a private screening of fd_midori's latest fetish film, Silken Sleeves. It was performance art. I only enjoyed few parts, mostly when Midori and Mayan seemed to honestly enjoy themselves. Company was nice, Graydancer organized the whole thing. We viewed it at cfxjosh's place because he has a high-def projector with his wife and housemate, Gray's fantastically stunning wife (sculplady), Griffin, Megan and someone else whose name I've completely forgotten. $10 says they have online journals somewhere. Came home and crashed afterward since we weren't invited to a play party that was theoretically happening. Eh? Eventually we'll meet people. Next month, lady_fox and I want to go to Kink(ed).

Right now, I'm cooking a pot roast and just finished making about two pounds of the best chicken salad you'll ever eat, assuming you randomly show up or sumfin. Got amazing strawberries at the grocer today too. Going to make sweet biscuits and fashion shortcake with fresh whipped cream tonight. Numma.

Currently watching MirrorMask.
Uh.. huh?
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