The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Required "OMFG" post

It hailed last night in about hall the city of Madison and surrounding area. Before the storm rolled in, aetrix9 and I got a call from Sev warning us. We were at Barriques - Middleton at the time. We took off and found a parking structure near Greenway Station to ride it out; I called lady_fox hoping to catch her on a break. We didn't see any hail but the storm was slouching southward at an astounding rate. The sky was on fire with lightning, 3 flashes per 2 seconds, charging between clouds. It was spectacular to watch from the top of the structure.

When I go home, there was hail on the ground about the size of my big toe nail. No apparent damage to the cars in the lot. However, there were other places that got hail the size of baseballs. Hopefully everyone had good insurance tonight. I should probably look into mine. See if there's a hail clause.

Happy Good Friday and Post Ubah-Hail Day.

PS: Georgia Duerst-Lahti is on WPR right now, for you Belioters that may be up and reading this. ( Listen to the archive - require RealMedia player.)
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