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An Apology to Zen

Determinatino to cause stress is a self defeating process insofar as stress is never created as a solely external entity; rather, it is the force that we need to harness in such a way that we divorce ourselves completely from our own actions in so doing becoming the perfect third party. When this is acheived we can drive the energies around us with ease and not be drawn into the conflicts we generate. The flaw, a flaw so large that humanity will die if their view is achieved, is that humanity is lost - there is no emotional involvement in anything we do therefore we do not understand that which we create and influence. Action, devoid of emotion, while sought for by Zen Buddhists, is an ultimately self destructive proposition. We cannot do things without emotion because we lose the drive: having drive defeats the purpose of the Zen experience and therefore can never be reached. It is easier to say that we are flawed unintentionally than to actively strive for anything devoid of humanity. When you are not emotional involved in your actions either by choice of stupid unawareness the objects upon which we act become nothing but emotionally involved. By doing so we have damaged their track to a destined Zen experience, nirvana of nothingness. By forcing emotional involvement through our own vacuous involvement is unfair to all involved. That is to say, there is no Zen experience unless it is internal. There is no Zen experience because internally we have to have the drive and in so doing destroy the experience all together.

I know my knowledge is flawed. Do not tell me this. Read above for an explanation, then start over.
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