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What's up Reji,

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Take care,

Spammers care about me so much.

I'm feeling better today. Having a relaxing evening and a good night's rest makes things better. Also my clothes are snazzy as today is a big customer forum at the Terrace. I don't think I'll be going to any of it today but better safe than sorry. annan_dum is correct, though; dressing up can make you feel better.

I haven't come to any new revelations but I'm more comfortable with that. I'm still learning that I can't be everything to everyone; that's not fair to anyone involved. When everyone is happy it's better, far better.

If you remember that what is now is good and what is tomorrow will be better, it becomes better now. It's taoist. Wu wei, while potentially fatalistic in translation is about living in the moment, appreciating the moment and acting when the ripe is ripe - not before or after. To do so, one must be aware of what is happening now.

I think understanding and appreciating what is now makes it better for everything. Now, I'm sure nathan_lounge has lots of funny and cynical things to say about Taoism because he understands it better than I do. I just pick and choose bits I like. :) This seemed particularly applicable today.

PS: I was worried about one of the test I took last week. Turns out I got the best score so far on that test of all the others. Go figure.

LiveJournal Username
What is your favorite fruit?
Can you taste the rainbow?
What RPG class would you be?
Mm... Donuts...
Su mama.
Which is the scariest?
How many hours a day do you spend online on average?
Do you fear the random?
Your future job: Cat Psychologist
This person will be your assistant in your job: crazybunnyman
You will make this much money: $52,347
Suddenly, a rip in the space-time continuum opens and out pops: feodoric
Unless you help them, the world will explode in this much time: 2
To save the world, you need to: Win a pie eating contest
The evil villain who tries to stop you is: damn_robots
The chance you succeed is:
This Fun Quiz created by Lynn at BlogQuiz.Net
Australian News at NewsDump</a>

Edit: Friday I have a paid half day holiday. Apparently Good Friday is good to non-Catholics too...
What a strange day to have off in a private corporation...
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