The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Money, money, money... MONAY

I'm sitting in a pizza shop. This is unremarkable. What is remarkable is that tis pizza shop, Pizza Extreme on Raymond and Whitney Way, is also an Ancora coffe shop and Greenbush Bakery seller. It has Wifi, clearly.

This, friends, is the crossroads of the American lifestyle. Pizza, Coffe, Donuts and wireless connectivity. The baarrista with a nice but and easy attitude aren't displeasing either.

It is chilly and 1/2 a drizzle outside. I've been wandering around the last hour on foot with my car in the shop. Sadly, the cost is double what expected; it is my own fault. The front brakes needed replacing last month ago plus. So the pads have worn and there is some minor damage to the drum, grooes adn a little wear. To clean that up in front plus clean and replace the rear brakes shall cost $272. Not terrible as far as mechanic work costs and affordable with my new frugally-minded lifestyle (which is working nicely barring a few worries of general expendency and debt). I'm still able to reach my moderate goal of doubling my savings, which frankly is easy to do given their state. Unless something unexpected happens, my outlook is pretty good. Note: this does not include the bonus I'll be getting for certification which is inevitable. :)

Because of the vacation time today, I finished Downshifting. It was an interesting read, psychologically. The book focuses mostly on adjusting one's working life to create the free time people seek rather than dealing with what to do with it or how to escape decreased income, for example. I'm to break consumer overspending, a psychological treatise on why Americans spend and grow debt, such as The Overspent American which I've requested from the library. I don't want to follow some 12-step program, just an understanding of why we spend like we do and contributing factor. In knowing the causes, I find it much easier to change. Just the recognition that I'm ensconced, or was, in American ideal consumerism has helped dramatically.

For example, I've become a bargain hunter and a spending planner. I have zero desire to puchase equipment that I want, such as a bluetooth phone headset, even things I know would be incredibly useful (but not necessary) like a blue tooth USB dongle. At the end of the month, if I have enough money after meeting savings goals, I'll but these things starting at the top of my usefulness list. Of course, prioritizing these things becomes slightly trickey. But that's fun, actually, to decide. It feels more like a reward in that aspect, a reward for good spending behavior with sacrificing goals to get there. I do need to be wary, though, of how I perceive the reward. It is for good spending habits and svings habits rather than trying something for a month; were I to see it as a "get out of jail free" card I might reinforce the incorrect thought process rather than the correct behavior.

Stop rolling your eyes, annan_dum. I'm not a behaviorist; I link thinking too. :P

Lastly: I have my camera and I'm not afraid to post binding pictures.

Edit: The pizza sucks. But the NPR classical music is unexpected and appreciated.
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