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Hrothgar the child king

Up here we are all giants.
I am the viking king,
slayer of the mother.
I am a beast of renown
far beyond the whale road
through which I swim. My trireme
is tireless, my crew wooden
but dauntless. The bounty we take
holds even more bounty
that would lie around as clutter otherwise.
Like the nautilus shell
I circle the world,
past its edge and disrupt Bifrost
with oars digging deeply into
prismatic surfaces.
No one can tell me otherwise
as I pillage Valhalla, that I am the warrior of warriors;
with a long, green arm as my sturdy weapon
I beat back the hordes of revered dead.
It is child's play like a fortress of wood
on a tall, splitting tree.

*rant*Oh my christ I'm bored. I hate studying fora test I don't care about. Chart tracking this, edit that. So boring. I hate that this has higher priority than doing real work.. helping my coworks release test. Stupid certification. */rant*
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