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Tea, Earl Grey. Hott-chaa.

What kept me from trying Earl Grey tea until today?

I attempted to beat up my laptop's firewall yesterday; I barely bruised its face and it is still refusing to let Cisco VPN connect to Epic. I shall have to set up a meeting with CATS, I think, since I've exhausted all their "try this first" docs. I really don't want to come in this weekend to work on projects.

Grr Argh.

New Semagic LJ client is tasty-good.
Random thought: Downshifting, the act of reducing one's consumption and consumerism, may be the funniest agent. In order to understand the concept, you should buy the book (assuming you are as stuck in American buy-mentality as I) which is something the book tells you not to do. Either you never read it or you read it and don't buy another book. It's kind of like the end of road to books.

Is there such a thing as a "blockade" drug, the antithesis to gateway drugs?

Downshifting week.
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