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I'm listening to all the music people sent me, as I type this. Work got crazy busy yesterday afternoon.

Title - Artist - Album
1: Escape from embassy - John Powell - OST Bourne Identity.
-I hearts the techno, yo. It reminds me of Wumpscut with it's industrial over tones, but I think most music with grinding sound effects - either natural or filtered - makes me think industrial. Very cool edition to my collection.
Feeling: Woooot!
From: que_emocionante

2: Darker - Doves - Lost Souls
Never heard this before. Lead singer sounds like Thom Yorke (Radiohead). It's a little gothy, a little drug-overdosey. I like the timbre of this guy's voice, it borders on whiney-goth but pulls back in time to drive the mood home without pissing me off. It's hard to follow the lyrics because the music is entrancing, not necessarily a bad thing. I likes it. Wait.. why is it getting lighter at the end... guitar solo? Way to be 80's. :)
Feeling: Wooot! You had a full on "Woooot" until that lighter ending.
From: que_emocionante

3: Mystic Bounce - Madlib - Shades of Blue
Ok, iTunes says this is hip-hop. Generally I hate hip hop though I hold hope because this guy is called "Madlib." I expect lots of "poop" and "vagina" in inappropriate places.... Or there could be no lyrics besides the unintelligible background people noise. Is that a calliope?
Feeling:Wot. Eh? Not much there. It's pleasant but kinda like elevator music.

4: Bad Boy - Cascade - Miracle
Pop-like dance tracks. Nice. Pulsing beat always keeps me interested.
Bad boy - Cascade
Remember the feelings,
Remember the day..
My stone heart was breaking,
My Love Ran Away.

This Moment I knew i would be someone else.
My love turned around and i felt...

Be My Bad Boy,
Be My Man,
Be My Weekend Lover,
But Dont Be My Friend.
You Can Be My Bad Boy... But Understand.
That I Dont Need You In My Life Again.

Be My Bad Boy,
Be My Man,
Be My Weekend Lover,
But Dont Be My Friend.
You Can Be My Bad Boy....But Understand.
That I Dont Need You Again.
No I Dont Need You Again.

Bad Boy!

You Once Made This Promise,
To Stay By My Side.
But After Some Time,
You Just Pushed Me Aside.

You Never Thought That,
A Girl Could Be Strong
Now I Will Show You How To Go On....

Be My Bad Boy,
Be My Man,
Be My Weekend Lover,
But Dont Be My Friend.
You Can Be My Bad Boy... But Understand.
That I Dont Need You In My Life Again.

Be My Bad Boy,
Be My Man,
Be My Weekend Lover,
But Dont Be My Friend.
You Can Be My Bad Boy....But Understand.
That I Dont Need You Again.
No I Dont Need You Again.
Wow, I so love this. This would be a fantastic DDR track. There's a realy good beat, both straight out pulsing and good multi beat in the back so yuo could easily layer the difficulty.
Feeling: ZOMG I'm a teenaged girl!

5: Before he cheats - Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
I know this person, American Idol. She was the country singer I didn't really like. This song is a little country, you can here the country guitars in the back.. but it's in minor which is the big win. Shit, I like this and it's angsty country but it's like... hmm it's Garth-Brooks-takes-a-bat-to-his-truck-and-wife Country. It's like Cuntry.
Feeling: Woooot!
From: nathan_lounge

6: Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies - Gordon
I have this already. It's catchy and will likely stick in my head all damn day now. It's a definite, "Eh?," song. I could take it or leave it much like most of Barenaked Ladies' music.
Feeling: Eh?
From: aetrix9

7: So Much Drama in the PhD - Monzy - ???
What the... hahahahahahahaa!!! Damn straight. PhD students writing rap. Awesome. "Keeps all her ports open like Windows ME." "You rap in exponential time and I'm Big 0 of Logn."
Feeling: Woooot!
From: fiendishx

Yo, MC Plus Plus, my rhymes are so phat,
I'm PSPACE-complete but I'll reduce you to 3-SAT.
My crew is so hard that we roll in NP,
And bitches dereference my pointer for free.
When I'm linear probing they're like, "Damn that's gigantic,"
I showed it to your mom and she used Hoare semantics.
She jumped like JNE up onto my erection
And I picked up that ho like straight garbage collection.
("That's right, mark-and-sweep on these nuts, bitch.")

My lyrics get stolen by sucker MCs,
I gotta sign my rhymes with PGP;
But I keep on generatin' like a CFG
'Cause there's so much drama in the PhD.

What's wrong MC Plus Plus, am I making you nervous?
Even skanky fat hoes give you denial of service.
You'll probably go to jail before you write your dissertation
So prepare your asshole for some internal fragmentation;
Penetration, as they fill it up with jism,
It's too bad you aren't closed under homomorphism.
Your problem, Plus Plus, is that your typing isn't strict:
In ML my type is real and your type is 'a dict.

I control my flow better than TCP,
I rep the west coast like Eazy-E,
You best not front if you can't pass the GRE,
'Cause there's so much drama in the PhD.

My flow is so intense that I will overflow your buffer,
Corrupt your stack pointer makin' all your data suffer.
I've got saturated edges but your flow is sparser,
Real gangstas sip on Yacc; instead you generate a parser.
While you're busy poppin' stacks I'll pop a cap in your skull,
While you smoke your crack pipe I'm gonna pipe you to /dev/null.
I may not have a label but I rap like a star;
I'm an unsigned long int and you're an 8-bit char.

Your mom circulates like a public key,
Servicing more requests than HTTP.
She keeps all her ports open like Windows ME,
Oh, there's so much drama in the PhD.

DWORD to your moms, I came to drop bombs;
I've got more rhymes that San Jose's got dotcoms.
I rep the Farm like 50 reps Queens,
With more power than multitape Turing Machines.
Blowin' up the rap scene faster than factorial functions,
I'm dope like PNP transistors and I'll saturate your junctions.
By the time you've rhymed one line, I've already busted ten;
You rap in exponential time and I'm big-O of log(n).

I run gmake and gcc,
And I ain't never called malloc without calling free.
I'll beat your ass until it's colored like a red-black tree
'Cause there's so much drama in the PhD.

8: The Pimping Lemma - Monzy - ???
"This track goes out to all the ladies in Computer Science." Dude, this guy is so white. Sex and comp sci. Fantastic.
Feeling: Woooot!
From: fiendishx

I glanced up from my terminal and saw Suzanne;
She looked hotter than a GPU without a cooling fan,
'Cause when a girl walks in the lab with an itty bitty waist,
And she pulls an Inspiron out her laptop case,
And she opens vi and she starts to code,
I wanna work her like some ciphertext in CFB mode.

I said "honey, have you got dynamic loading support?
'Cause I think I have a package for you to import."
She's like, "Mmm yeah, but is your package extensible?"
In the face of my charisma she's completely indefensible;
So I jot down her digits and her email addresses,
And that night she'll be responding to my intimate caresses.

When it comes to females, there's no end to my thirst,
I'll pull off their panties and search 'em depth first,
But I have one rule, and at times it's a dilemma,
It's a policy I like to call my "Pimping Lemma":
I like hoes of all colors, shapes sizes and religions,
But I only fill my harem with computer science pigeons.

When I'm rolling up a blunt or I'm unrolling a loop,
Rolling back a transaction, or rolling round in my coupe,
When I'm poppin' the Cris or just drinking some forties
I can't get enough of them computer science shorties.

I saw Brenda in the club and she gave me a wink;
She looked hotter than a dual core without a heatsink.
I said "Get krunk girl, come on and twurk it,
Move that ass until it makes a Hamiltonian Circuit."
And she could twist her body into sixty sexy positions,
But she couldn't debug those tricky race conditions.

Between the sheets I must admit that she was quite a freak,
But every time she used the heap she would create a memory leak.
She had dumps like a truck but she was dumber than a brick;
The smartest thing that ever came out of her mouth was my dick.
So I applied the Pimping Lemma and I ditched that bitch quick,
'Cause you know I'll only creep with a computer science chick.

When I'm tokin' on a spliff or tokenizing a string,
These hos keep coming to me faster than a millisecond ping.
But you can keep your movie stars and your playboy bunnies,
'Cause you know I only roll with hot computer science honeys.

I'm accumulating cuties from across the nation,
Pull 'em in like neighbors in a Delaunay triangulation,
I got hoes from different area codes and IP ranges,
Swap 'em round like VMMs making page exchanges,
Yeah I round 'em up like ceil() and I add 'em to my stable
And I offer them a spliff from off my hash table.

I pick up women wearin' Gucci, Prada, and Fendi an'
When they see my MSB they're like "damn, you're Big Endian!"
They wanna hit that high bit and eat my meat like carnivores,
Going down like I was calling P and they was semaphores,
I push all the right keys like ampersands and underscores,
And soon another freaky CS ho is down on all fours.

I gotta flush the TLB when I make context switches;
Gotta brush off the ladies if they ain't CS bitches;
Gotta check the error number case my system call fails,
And I gotta roll exclusively with CS females.

Mya's love is like WO, but I'm sorry, I won't,
Toya wonders if "I Do" but she can't code so "I Don't,"
Beyonce's crazy in love, but I just ain't enticed,
J-Lo's love don't cost a thing but that shit's still overpriced.
Milian can dip it low but she can't flip those DIP switches,
And that's why I only mack on fly computer science bitches.

I got a pimped out PC and a pimped out ride,
And if you pass the CS quals I might let you inside.
But if not you'll get a 403: ACCESS DENIED,
'Cause there's a Pimping Lemma by which I must abide.

I can't help it when I see a fine computer science ho,
my whole heart expands faster than a Google IPO.
I got such mad game that there ain't no defiance,
And I'm scoring for Stanford like Bonds for the Giants.
Yo, I spread around my seed like swarms of Bittorrent clients,
But I only mack on honeys who are in computer science.

So you can shake it like a Polaroid or like a salt shaker,
You can shake that Laffy Taffy or shake your money maker,
You can show off your milkshake or shake Ya Tailfeather,
But as long as you a CS girl, let's shake it together.

9: Fearless - Pink Floyd - Meddle
Who doesn't like Pink Floyd? I've never heard this track before but it feels uncharacteristic to their work. It's coherent and easily accessible. That's a strike against it in my book. :) It's kinda slow, melodic. Relaxing. Kind of nice. It's pleasant. Nice. Good pool lounging music. Then there's the weird chanting at the end that I can't make out...
Feeling: Wot.
From: que_emocionante

That was cool. I'll have to do it again.
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