The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Music, me bunny. was a rousing success. I now have some weird rap, irish rock, Yoko Ono, neat jazz and whatver frightening things fiendishx may have subjected me to. You guys rock my socks. I'll listen to them all today after app camp.

I totally think everyone should hook up the pirate meme.

Big thanks to que_emocionante for sending six tracks. Woo!
The viewings yesterday were... uh. Bad. very bad. THe place on Loreen Dr, as expected, was a pit. The guy from Ripple Rents didn't even sho up to let us view the Tottenham place, which was very bad-looking... though some random Oriental man was there renting his house across the street so we viewed that place.

Blech. Very icky, smelly. Not so good.

The badness was quickly rectified by dinner and Memoirs of a Geisha with lady_fox.

I had dreams last night. They were so fucking mundane. I was in app camp. Doing app camp-y things. Then I asked out the girl with whom I've been working. Then I woke up because ginger was snoring.

I sleep lightly enough that a cat snorring wakes me up.... Not cool. Even Sunday night, aetrix9's upstairs neighbors had their TV on at 4 am. It wasn't even close to loud but when I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, I could here it just enough to keep me awake. They were watching the news.

And yet, the woodpecker was barely noticable later that morning.
Damn sleep cycles.
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