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Is it bad that when ever iTunes plays Voodoo by Godsmack I sing along? In my cube? Fairly loudly?
No, that's not bad.

Is it bad that I, generally, replay it five times in a row?
Conventional wisdom says that people that obsesss over a song like this eventually flip-out and kill someone, either themselves or everyone else.

I should also throw out there that "conventional wisdom," touted as a good thing by pundits, journalists and the Bush Regime, is NOT a good thing by definition.


PS: I seem to have lost a noticeably large amount of fat in the last week and a half. While I wish this were related to music, it is likely related to burning 700 calories per treadmill session and doubling reps while removing some of the weight from the machines. I literally, last night, looked down at myself and quipped, "Holy, fuck I've lost weight!"
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