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Depend On Our Late

shift, bubbling with
expert shirts, trampo-

line resumes to
pay off some lucky
chic diaspora

to let 'em slip loose
capital into
its soccer-ball swamp.
The bond vote capsized,

but our spurting goods
concern clicks on an
unassuming loop-

hole, bent on retro-
fitting flimsy-ass

causeways inland.
Thomas Fink from After Taxes.

First things first: go join fridaypoll, especially you nathan_lounge. :)

I spent last getting lady_fox chicken noodle soup and crackers, making sure she was doing all right. The job search, the money troubles and an ear infection all collided producing a less than happy woman. It is not fun. Problematically, there's so little I may do. Fox is ultimately employable; she has oodles of management experience and people skills. Everyone that she works for has loved her and promoted her. I'm thinking, then, that something in the first impression must be off. I'm going to take a look at her resume tonight and see if we can rework it while we are at Barriques. She just needs to get her foot in the door and she'll bowl them over with her charm.

As for the future, I hate to say I'm getting things squared away for the worst. I believe, deep down in the English muffin of my ethereal bits, that it will all work out. Practically, I can't bank on it. Banking on everything working, which it always has, invites disaster but I worry I'm clipping its wings by not believing completely. The battle of universal beliefs and mundane realities: it shall rage ad infinitum.

Afterwards, when she was calm, she kicked me out for to dine with aetrix9 Curry-in-a-box opened in Fitchburg. It was tasty, probably better today than yesterday. However, it was not in a box at first. I had to box it myself, which casts the place's name to suspect. Fiends. They almost make up for it with the mango lassi I drank for [info]the girl. It was purely altruistic. We spent the rest of the evening at Barriques looking at apartments and wishing for the place on Manitowoc, which we're viewing tomorrow, to be perfect. The rent is excellent, so much so that we would buy a washer and dryer for the group since the house supplies hookups, and the location spectacular. I could, in fact, walk to work in the spring while we're still in Madison. It would be a 30 minute walk, or so, but glorious under the sun.

There was talk about financial woes, plans for rent and utility contribution. She and I would take the brunt of it since we make the most and have about the same monthly expenses, within the current situation. We can only speculate on what exactly will happen when we get to the move date regarding money but we're assuming an unchanged system from present. I have faith and a plan. Together, I know, these will work.

Tuscan wine and cheese tasting tonight at Barriques - Middleton. I should call shortcakeness. That should be nifty.

And good luck to Sev who is testing for second degree brown belt tonight. He may be dead when he's done at 9.

I'm felling... Eloquent today. I blame Thomas Fink who is hardly so. I think I like the obfuscated and broken poetry, especiallyas of late. I wonder if these poets just write a stream of nonesense and break it into pieces. It's like Burroughs on less mescaline and lazier.

This week's Ask A Ninja is really funny. What gifts would you get a ninja?
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