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Chicken wings.

Dear freakin' lord, TGIF.

I have a hankerin' for some vodka laced Katamari Damacy.
Have a nifty cover of the theme song. (3.8mb mp3)

H. McGee lecture last night was far more interesting than the roundtable two nights ago. Fewer uncomfortable pauses, fewer soapboxes, more laughs. One lady really liked bitter melon, to the point of mentioning AIDS treatments and melon. I forgot to get another picture of aetrix9's boobs though. Oops. That doesn't actually have anything to do with the McGee lecture. I didn't get a picture of McGee's boobs either, so I suppose that is semi-related. Melons. Huh.

What are you doing tonight and why doesn't it include coming to my place for boozed up video gaming?
I just made a slew of Popular Science RSS feeds:
popsci_hometech - Popular science home technology news
popsci_medicine - Popular science medicine news
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