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Well, real life sucks all of a sudden.
All those people that hate me for my Dad paying my student loans can bite me when they do their taxes.

Slept OK last night. Have a headache today. Again. Numerous reasons likely.
Today, I hate money and the inevitable change forthcoming.

McGee roundtable was kind of dull last night.

Sorta tagged by labelle77

Four (Other) Jobs I've Had:
- Lighting Tech Lead for my highschool theater
- Student Tech Director for same
- Security Dispatch
- QA at Epic.

Four Little-Known Facts About Me:
- I have as deeply rooted spirituality.
- I'm a Reiki master.
- uh....

Four City Airports I Have Been To:
- LAX (Boo!)
- Seattle (Seatac) (Yay!)
- That big one in New York... (Yay!)
- Vegas (Cha-ching!)

Four Favorite Male Actors:
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Johnny Depp
- Patrick Stewart
- Ewan McGreggor

Four Foods That I Hate to Love:
- Lucky Charms
- Ramen
- BK Whopper
- Deep dish pizza (NUMMA NUMMA!)

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
- My friends filter
- /.

Four Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
- Drink espresso on the Champs d'Elysee in a spring time shower.
- Paint a GIGANTIC mural.
- Get drunk in Red Square and scream, "I am Rasputin reborn!"
- Get published.

I tag you, pikachu.
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