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Superhero Story

I only listen to Manhattan -
who can ignore a doctor that scars himself
out of respect for perfection.
The gravity of his creation
destroys the gridwork of a city.
No one expected this trouble,
that he finds in both sexes.

Do not change your exterior;
It can never fix the future inside of you.

I'm surprised that I put out three of these so quickly. I guess not writing one on my lunch break stops up the works. I know I like this one. I'm not sure about the two before it. Editing is going to be a bitch when I start.

What Kind of Geek are You?
Favourite Color 
Your IQ is quite high
You are a gamer geek
Your strength is you never need to sleep
Your weakness is alcohol
You think normal people are aliens
Normal people think that you are satanic
This fun quiz by owlsamantha - Taken 15429 Times.
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Quotes from your LJ Orgy
LJ Username  
Orgy snack 
Orgy drink 
I've never seen one of *those* before! bronaghbainin
Next! not_a_girl
Where's the plunger? This smurf is really stuck! lady_fox
I'm bored- let's play Scrabble. lex_of_green
It's *supposed* to look like that! lerite
Percentage of satisfied guests - 91%
This Quiz by yagowe - Taken 360 Times.
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