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Boo dreams and pancakes.

As much as I like them, enjoy making them, I should never eat pancakes for breakfast again. I crash so hard. I was in a doom funk from 10am to about 7pm yesterday. Not fun.

Feel headachey today. I don't think I slept so well last night. I had very odd dreams about marrying old friends and subsequently divorcing them when I realized I was straight, then marrying slight-framed girls with too much facial hair. Mick jagger, Keith richards and Jessica Simpson factored in somewhere too.

My brains are weird.

But, I spent 4 hours at Barriques last night and now have a very thin understanding of Illustrator CS. Gradient meshes are cool. It's not the same, though. It's all so smooth. Art doesn't look organic; well, mine doesn't at least. I may have to use Photoshop anyway to detaiol which doesn't get around the slowness problems I experience when I paint on giant-sized images. So, my goal of speedily working anything seems utterly unattainable.

I comfort myself with my new phone which i got for free. It has a 3d accelerator for no good reason.
Tags: dreams, illustrator, pancake bunny!, phone, photoshop
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