The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Like any other Thursday

On days and evenings like last night the desire to hibernate becomes fierce, a force with which you may not reason. Thus, I did the dastardly thing and ordered pizza and ice cream for delivery. Certainly a mean thing to do with the roads like they were, but I tip well for danger. Risk your life for my laziness and you shan't be forgotten. Subsequently there was bad foods, more House (season 1) and Queer as Folk (season 4) last night with </a></b></a>. There were other activities and I have a bruise on the bridge of my nose because of them. Getting headbutted when removing glasses is surprisingly painful.

Now that the cat is, essentially, out of the bag I was going to get pictures of the collar I'm making for Fox (Sorry, locked entry so many of you can't see this) last night, intending to finish it. However, I need vice grips before I can complete it. I need something to clamp it down so I can cut down the metal rings without dropping all the beads. Sadly, crimp beads won't cut it since the diameter of the beads on the metal are larger than the crimps would be after crimping. Eh. I have some wire that may work. We'll have to see. So pictures of that forthcoming. Fox has requested that I get the first pictures of her wearing it before posting.

Weekend looks OK. Bluephies tonight with lady_fox. Housewarming tomorrow for shortcakeness. Date day, afternoon, night (some time) with aetrix9 Sunday. Hopefully much time at the gym in between.

Darn place was closed yesterday. Come on, we only got a foot of snow.

Also. I've gone feed crazy. Yay custom friends groups.
Segway inventor does something useful, potentially revolutionary
Tags: art, fox, party, weather
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