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Snow Day - 2/16/06

Well then.
Here's the snow we didn't get last few months...

(Shot taken from behind West Gate mall [where my office is located], on Whitney and Odana)
The drive to work was fine; it wasn't snowing at the time. Now, it's torrential. There's thunder and lightning accompaniment. We've got about 2ish inches from the storm last night and another 4 to 8 expected.

Hope it lets up this evening as I was looking forward to seeing aetrix9 and, you know... not dying in a car crash.

Edit: Fun with numbers.

So.. half the company is out. That's about 1000 people.
Many of these people will be trying to VPN into work because we're all diligent little monkeys, conservatively lets say 600.
Epic allows 400 VPN connections coming into the network.
200 people are attacking the network trying to get in.

The network is running very, very slowly today. It's hard to get much down with I click and wait thirty seconds in my VM image.
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