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Apple patents touch screen technology created at NYU. (From Cult of Mac Blog)

Blah blah blah want Mac tablet blah blah blah.

Had a lovely night with lady_fox last night when she got home. There were samm'iches and much watching of House - season 1 and other adult themed activities. It was nice. As expected all is well and she had a good weekend but was quite pleased to see me. Best you can hope for, I think. :) Absence does make the heart grow fonder if last night was any indication. There was much hugging adn cuddlng. it was nice. We even chuckled over some things that happened on her trip - both tame and explicit - which I'll let her relate in her own journal. She even managed to inflate my ego a l'il bit which was nifty.

Tonight I am on my own again as both my ladies are going out with each other. I think I'll be heading to State to do some craft shopping and Coffee Shopping. Mm... wireless at Fair Trade. I'm hoping as well to start learning illustrator as I found my CD images, they were hiding on my external hard drive - right where I put them. I realized this weekend that my computer will be incapable of handling raster art at 300-600 dpi at anything bigger than a few inches square. This makes it very hard to create goodly sized prints, prints that are worth printing adn selling. So, I'm hoping that I can figure a way to paint in Illustrator smilarly to the way in Photoshop and then edit a monster-sized image in Photoshop. Probleatically, donig that ensures huge files when I convert to photoshop to edut adn then print. I really want Illustrator to figure out how to Photoshop style painting and save as vectors so I can do everything in one program. Theoretically, Live Paint is a step in that direction. Of course, I don't have that version of Illustrator....

Eh. I'll figure something out.

Otherwise, I got little else. I'm now sitting at 38.8% of the comments in this journal. I also picked up a few new readers, which is nifty. Got to remeber that posting to communities brings the people in.

Edit:Also - to new people. I have a sex filter. If you want in, comment. I have no qualms having you read it, I just don't want to "force" it on you.

Ah, other topic.

Online Personas: do you have one?
aetrix9 asked me on Sunday if it bugged me that people knew me as ABM online, that there existed two different sorts of people. I thought for a minute and said, "no." When I was younger I tried to develop an online personality, something that was who I wanted to be rather than who I was. In fact, the same was very true when I started this journal. I chose the name The Piecemeal Man because I always felt fractured when writing online because I was attempting to put forth a different persona than I was.

I've found that acting doesn't work. Writing not as myself was a pain in the ass adn felt exceptionally fake. I don't like brewing falacies, which is what I was doing. I think the penultimate Bad Thing a person can do is be hypocritical. Writing as a different person, as I see it, is hypocricy. Thus, I evolved into writing as myself - that or I became the person I was writing as.... I suppose what you read in here is who I am. I can't really do it any other way. I've tried. It doesn't work for me.

I do not mind being called ABM (or other permutations) online. I've even responde to it in real life. It's just another name calling the same person. I can't escape who I am.

What do you say? Online personas good thing or Bad Thing? Do you try to be someone different, exotic, interesting online? Why?
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