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I did something very silly this morning that will inevitably lead me down a long, dark path.

Friday! OMG it's finally Friday! It's been a good week, a long week and a stressful week but I feel rejuvinated. I feel as if I have accomplished good things. I can breathe now that the deadline has passed. The next, on 3/9, looks pretty tolerable.

Now that I have had time to adjust to the concept, I'm really looking forward to a night to myself tonight. Movies. Pizza. Photoshop. Blanket piles. Mebbe a Buffy/Angel mini marathon.

I'm bouncing to my music. I just feel... well, spectacular.

Hopefully this will last after a day of data prep and exercise.

Speaking of, I doubled my time on the treadmill. Now I'm burning 600 calories on that alone per session. Hopefully I'll see some belly shrinkage in the next few weeks. Stupid waistline doesn't want to cooperate any more. I'm noticing some definite muscle growth at least. My arm is filling out and my deltiods are very defined. My legs are getting nutty strong and large. It's like my thighs swallowed watermelons. (Maybe not that bad) It's pleasant; it's appealing; it's hottttt.
So. lady_fox is off to a weekend of debauchery with gambitlebeau. She returns Monday; that should be an interesting night. Inevitably something will be different. Not sure what. Eh? I find that I'm really just not worried. So much so (So little so?), I believe, that aetrix9 thinks I'm lying to myself. Certainly doesn't seem like it. My security in my relationship with Fox is concrete. I am quite pleased for her to be going, and told her as much today. I was immediately filled with all kinds of lust. And then regret 'cuz I had to get to work.

This may be fueling some of my bounce.

Someone go wake up fridaypoll. I have meetings and expect dozens of polls when I return.
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