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Resonance - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
The robot said, through rabid crackling static
don't go out for titans clash. They fight for the heathens
that need to move by machines that do not wish subjugation.
He was right, the rumbling steadily increased
and shook the bones of my skull. Resonance,
that bitch of physics, quaked my mind
with vigor. The robot mimed emotion but left
all the same. I fell alone,
the rest giving up to slink into oblivion -
eaten by the vagaries of abyss.

Irreverence in the face of burning delight
only angers them more, our whips
and chains fuel only to our hubris.
The titans fight for our amusement,
behemoths testament to human stupidity
Artificial emotion,
filtered through human fingers
is flawed. Their music,
metallic machinations - a cadence of grinding
and vibration and rusted destruction - swings
over our building. It shakes in time
with my head and tumbles down to blanket me.
Absolution - you cannot control something
that doesn't know hope.

Current Mood: confused The hell?
Current Music: Ocean's 11

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