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I woke up with "Do you know the way to San Jose" be Dionne Warwick stuck in my head. I like neither Dionne Warwick nor finding my way to san Jose, thanks.

Another restless night plagued by cats trying to rip mirrors off the wall, weird dreams that I can't remember (though vaguely related to tomorrow's deadline, I'm sure), worry over endeared ones, back pain and some minor relationship guilt.

I'm not really exciting about today continuing at the moment. The fact that listening to Loreena McKennitt is depressng me is bothersome. Yesterday was good, though. We saw Aeon Flux at the cheap theater, which is completely worth the two-fitty to see Charlize Theron in skimpy outfits. I cooked tilapia with pineappple salsa.

Why then is today filled with the overwhelming sensation of "bleck?"

I think my fleece is stinky, like bad kitchen perfumes.
I want to go home.
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