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For the last three nights I have been having odd and unwelcome dreams about coworkers, this last night in particular. I'd just as soon sleep the whole night without waking up in certain moods, thanks. Oi, dreams. On the plus side, getting in at 7am today I've been able to abscond with the Clarity Console, which means nothing to most of you. It means I got a goodly pile of work done this morning that I tried for most of yesterday to finish. Huzzah!

In other news, I reminded myself why I love my tablet last night. I painted something nifty I'll show you later. This rediscovery makes me wonder about getting a Macbook. I don't know if I'd like a Wacom tablet device more. To those of you that have them, do you see the cursor on the screen moving? That's why I like my tablet so much, I can see the cursor under my pen. It's easier, nicer. The Macbook, though, would likely be able to handle the huge dimensions in which I was working better - more powerful computer, you see. Maybe if I get a gig of laptop memory to fill in the remaining bay...

So, I'm learning the benefits of layering. This may sound easy to some but I never tried to ease into a piece... Well, at least something I was painting.... I would try to sketch it out as I saw it rather than lay a foundation upon which to build. Last night I tried that, working from essentially a base coat up. Subsequently, I was able to shae adn highlight and shadow better than I have ever been able before. That's only half true, I have NEVER been able to make an objected shaded three dimensionally the way I wanted before, with the exception of the Photoshop Sphere that every six year old can make. But that's totally artificial. Suffice it to say, I'm pleased that what I drew was, in fact, what I WANTED to draw. This is a Big Deal to me.

Side bar: English should allow for effective capitalization. Geman has it partially done by capitalizing Nouns. For example, "Big Damn Hero," should be entirely correct.

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