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Happiness is a fish you can catch, scale, gut and then fry up for your honey.

On vacation for a day and only 56 work emails.
Not bad.

Thank god it's Friday. Now I must get myself out of this Saturday meeting for which I have been scheduled.

After having good talks with lady_fox and aetrix9 I'm completely re-enamored with them again. Today I feel light hearted, happy and human again. When I have a little more time today, I wish to discuss my life this last year versus the previous year. Aetrix and I had a good talk about it on the way back from Wausau yesterday (By the way, I was in Wausau yesterday for an NPR benefit dinner and TOTN taping. Aetrix and I were BY A VERY LARGE MARGIN the youngest people there that weren't NPR staff). It was about accomplishments, work and creativity then and now. Good stuff to discuss, though I think it left her a little depressed... though that could have been traffic jams, impending urinary destruction, getting cheesed and the late hour.

Just for good measure..
I want to make love to all of you!

I need a happy icon that fits my new aesthetic.

RE: Title

I confess
Everyone is overweight
And I'm obsessed
Talking is just masturbating
Without the mess
Addiction leaves you sad today
& unimpressed
I can't remember all the names because
Everyone you meet today
Is just so f**king lame

Bored again by happiness
All those friends I've (die) lost in there

I'm upset
Happiness is not a fish
That you can catch
Imagination can't resist
This laziness
That pins you down get on your knees
Everyone you meet today
Is feeling useless & ashamed
And a woof woof here...

Edit: Huzzah! I have gotten myself and my TS teammate out of the Saturday meeting! No weekend work for me.
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