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Booze + sushi = Booshi!

We made sushi tonight!

I had intended to take pictures of the whole process but I forget I have a camera. Plus cooling the rice was a pain in the ass (that I didn't actually do.)

I told the fish guy that I was making sushi tonight. He went in the back and pulled a loin cut he had been saving, they only put the steaks up front. It was awesome. The loin allows you to cut against the grain in longer strips because of the way it sets on the bone. So that section was especially buttery. Oh man, so damn good. The fish monger gave me his card and said that he'd teach me to roll sushi if I called him. He gave me his card. I'd think he were hitting on me but you didn't see the way he handled the fish. Wow.

He also gave me a fish/squid salad medley to wrap in nori, which we also forgot to eat, free. It smells lovely. I'll probably try it tomorrow with the left over steak that shall become a nicely seared breakfast. Expensive breakfast. The tuna was 24.98 a pound and worth every damn penny.

I had a martini and a half. I'm already tipsy! Yay!

I'm also thinking about doing dirty things to lady_fox and aetrix9 but the former had her IUD in today and the latter is on a date with her primary.

Vodka to the rescue!!!!

PS: I've decided I like "wide screen" icons better

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