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New profile.

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User Number: 1100162
Date Created:6/5/03
Number of Posts: 1070

ABM is a 20 something living in Madison, Wisconsin after graduating from Liberal Arts U; it had long been his dream to return to his cheese head roots. In Madison, he works in the healthcare tech industry doing crafty things with data while managing his own team of workers. In his spare time he pretends he is superhero and fights crime with his savage face skills (see above).
Strengths: Able to understand even the craziest individuals, Can ntertain in a single entry, cute. He's also damn good with rope.
Weaknesses: Depressive, snippy when hungry. Loved by babies everywhere.
Special Skills: Crazy face skills (See picture), Psychology-Fu.
Weapons: Nub of Doom, High Kick to the Head for 10d6 stun, Lips of Steel
Things that anger the bunny: Babies, dirty bathrooms, red fuzz, intolerance.

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I'm going to go wrestle some spanakopita.
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