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I, writer.

Servitude in the interest of righteous journalism
is not the solution to discontent.
It is, however, certain that this,
god willing,
will clear any misconceptions that I have
about journalists.

They drink and guffaw and eat face-sized fruit
on the banks of the Mississippi, languidly relaxing
like the drawl over all those "S's".
Samuel Clemens would be calm,calling the twain of his ship.
These people are derelict in reason,
this we can all see, and are like all partisan writers
that don't write.

Information is the bane of ignorance, no doubt;
but taking that step, away from bliss and crystal understanding
into the murky depths of "I don't know" and
"Who's to say," is steep and disconcerting.
We preach, we writers, from pulpits of print
in the rain.
We cannot outlast our reputation
unless we sink to bottom to find
"I apprehend."
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