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Kills it. Kills it ded! - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Kills it. Kills it ded!
There's this meme going around my flist that doesn't need to be a meme if it's a poll.
Poll #650091 Either/or, nether/nor

What do you believe in?

Bacon + Synchronicity
Bacon + Coincidence
Bacon + Coindicence + Synchronitiy = ham sandwich
I'm a vegetarian.

Current Mood: good good

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(Deleted comment)
assfingers From: assfingers Date: January 11th, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
kila has a nice turkey.
abmann From: abmann Date: January 11th, 2006 05:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've never really liked mixing ham with single meats.

Now, Ham, roast beef, turkey, salami, pastrami, and venison with a horseradish sauce = coincidentally amazing.
andamaroo From: andamaroo Date: January 11th, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
I wasn't given an option for Vegetarian + Coincidence.

abmann From: abmann Date: January 11th, 2006 05:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Vegetarians aren't allowed to believe anything. They get shoved in boxes and force fed grain until their livers explode.

Wait... or was that ducks?
not_a_girl From: not_a_girl Date: January 11th, 2006 05:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
it works for vegetarians too. nobody likes them anyway.
abmann From: abmann Date: January 11th, 2006 06:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Vegans too. Vegans are too stringy. They're better for soup stock.
not_a_girl From: not_a_girl Date: January 12th, 2006 03:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh no, in the eventual apocalypse the vegans and vegetarians are getting eaten first, because cannibals report that they taste the best. I just meant I don't like them as people. As a food source, they're grade A soylent green.
fiendishx From: fiendishx Date: January 13th, 2006 04:24 am (UTC) (Link)
You know, the most amazing thing happened to me tonight. I was coming here, on the way to the lecture, and I came in through the parking lot. And you won't believe what happened. I saw a car with the license plate ARW 357. Can you imagine? Of all the millions of license plates in the state, what was the chance that I would see that particular one tonight? Amazing! -- Richard Feynman
8 comments or Leave a comment