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A Real Update, huzzah!

It's Friday! huzzah! I have a feeling that I'm going to be doing many weird little updates today. I feel good even though I ran out of allergy meds and didn't sleep so well last night.

[Gym Stuff]
This is what getting addicted to the gym will do, though; I went last night after two days off. Ideally my schedule would be two days on, one day off. The two days I'd alternate lifting for my upper body and lower body, the day off would be just that. This would offer each half of my body two days off to recoup and rebuild which seems to be pretty effective. I was wandering about the house in a wife beater (hate that term) when lady_fox poked my chest. It was lumpy in the good way and getting kinda hard, also in the good way. I'm seeing less sag in my pectorals and more shelf-like action. It's exciting.

Further, my legs are solid, like scary solid. It looks like my knees swallowed grape fruit. I'm still working on my gluets (gleuts?) which are proving resistant to efforts to work the lower portion. This will be remedied when I can get out and cycle. I've tried cycling on the machines but that is more boring than the treadmill which is only tolerable. You have no idea how much Family Feud (With Richard Karn!!) I've watched since joining the gym. Suffice it to say my finger is on the pulse of America when it comes to choosing nouns that associate with stupid concepts. I'm tempted to reduce the speed at which I work simply so I can read easier. It's too hard to focus on tiny New Yorker type when I'm bouncing along at 3.8mph at 15% incline.

lady_fox and I saw walk The Line last night. Joaquin "Look at my scar" Phoenix is a neat actor, I rather like him. However, when ever he was singing as Johnny Cash, he did this weird thing with his eyes and neck that made me what to smack him. Now I must admit that I'm wholly unfamiliar with Cash in concert so it may have been accurate, in which case... Johnny Cash did this weird thing with his eyes and neck that made me what to smack him.

Regardless, I think Look at my scar's performance was pretty good, especially the voice. I found it funny that as the movie progressed, they did a good job of getting his voice lower and lower. I wonder if that was intentional to show the results of smoking or if Phoenix was just getting better at it. I assume the former since movies are rarely shot chronologically. I prefer the latter, however, because there were scenes where Scar ended the scene talking lower than when he started.

Because of the movie, I think I'd like to read Cash's autobiography to see how closely the movie matches (I'm guessing not much). I also think I'm going to buy all the Cash CDs I can, starting with the most recent and working back.... and when I say buying CDs I mean using iTunes. :)

Osiris (my desktop) is still busted because I've not had a chance to fix it yet. Must do that tonight.

Isis (my laptop) is doing very well and shall be getting some new, highly recommended anti virus software (AVG Anti virus). Next I need to find some good firewall software. I had heard that Zone Alarm was pretty good but now must be purchased. So, my search for free firewall continues.

I think I want to move to bluetooth wireless on Isis but I'm not sure of the expense. Any C-net, Google and Froogle searches don't give me what I think I need, namely a blue tooth enabled wireless laptop card. I suppose I should find the card in my laptop first and foremost to assess the difficulty of replacing it. I'm betting it's more difficult than swapping the wireless cards in Macs with is stoopid easy.

I named the external hard drive Alexandria.. Great Library, you see.

Yes, I realize the extent to which I keep my naming conventions is appalling. Let me scare you further, I'm considering renaming my computers because I think Isis and Osiris are both inaccurate names for my computers plus they aren't obscure enough Deities for my tastes. Yup. I'm a geek.

[New Year's Resolution]
I actually made a resolution this year for the first time since grade school. They made us do them for homework, you see. I resolved to read more. I"ve not yet figured how much more, but more. I may devise some number of books a month or over the year I wish to hit. Suffice it to say I want to read more than I did this last year, which shouldn't be hard. I may change my LJ style to include a book list in one of the dongles on the side to track for myself, maybe even a crazy little counter bar posted at the end of entries. Number of pages read perhaps? That could be fun.

Because of Microsoft, I have had my Friday eaten by security test patches. Thank you MS.
Speaking of...
"When humanity is more like trees, the earth will start rebuilding."
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