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Text is the consequence,
diliberate or unintentional, of vanity.
I am no writer. If I were a writer I would not write,
but lounge the pool side drinking margaritas.
Writers make money, money produces largess etc.
No, I am no writer.

Hemingway was not a writer.
He was an alcoholic of such epic proportion
that his misogyny cowered off the page. Yellow with fear at life-
no - jaundiced with love of himself.
He is no superhero.

To die in waves of green fairies,
while ambitious to the smallest of stature
is a shaky, craven end. The cork, spit across a table,
is forgotten by the connoisseur.
A writer, a gourmand of folklore, drains the emerald waves.
We are delighted and take his shotgun away.
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