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No driving for you!

Because of the type of person I am, a flat tire has only made me arrive to work at regular work hours rather than well into the work day. I rule. I'm more upset that this means no time at the gym today and I've been off for two days.
Apparently, even with the added muscle mass (which is actually visible now) I'm still too weak to remove lugnuts. I took my car to Godfrey at West Side Service Center. He's Irish adn spastic adnc gave me a ride to work which makes all car repair better.

Spastic, Irish auto repair guys aside, flat tires can eat a cock.

Edit: Apparently, there's a huge gash in the wall of my tire. That means a new tire. I told him to go ahead and replace both the rear tires since I had him replace the front two last year. Yay $170 tires.
That's actually a really good deal, though.

Yay Spastic Irishmen!
I want to buy Girl SCout cookies because they're yummy. However, the only coworker advertising for his daugnter says he'll have her deliver them to my cube.

Is it bad that I'm disinclined to buy them if it means dealing with actual Girl SCout scouts?
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