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Everything that falls must diverge.

What is this downpour? This rain isn't helping my mood.
There was sun yesterday, for a few minutes.
It was glorious
and I basked like a cat
that didn't see tomorrow.

I had dreams about aetrix9 last night standing stalwart at a cemetery. But I woke up and I was still here.

It's donut day but I can't be bothered.
For the lazy or those that have way too many entries to read for the last week - a quick link back to my Milwaukee trip.

I left my gym bag at home. >:|
In an effort to cheer myself up, I write about nifty things.

It seems that I'm migrating to an exclusively portable computing life. I think I haven't touched my desktop in over a month. After work I'm going to find a hard drive casing to convert my 120gig secondary hard drive to a "portable" external hard drive for my laptop.

Further, I've inquired to Benefits if I can use Epic's computer loan policy to purchase another laptop. I've decided to get one for lady_fox.... not exactly sure why besides knowing she'd like to have one. At the very least, laptops are useful in a wireless world. As weird as it is, her having a laptop would offer an extra bit of intimacy when we go to Barrique's. I don't know how to explain it. You just feel closer to someone when you're doing the same thing in tandem, at least such seems to be the case when aetrix9 and I are at Barrique's with our laptops.

SO! I contemplate laptops. I refuse to get her something bottom-of-the-line even though she has very low demands on computers. I also want to make sure the computer is actually portable since she has back troubles; we may need to find her a useful satchel that will carry her computer and all the sundry purse stuff that she carries.

    Fox: things to consider
  1. How do you want to carry it?
  2. Will you replace your purse with a carry case?
  3. What peripherals might you use? Like jump drives?
  4. Anything weird you'd want to do with it?

    Most important in the list is how you plan to carry the computer. We'll need to figure out what sort of case would be best for you and your back. Try out my Chrome bag and that black satchel (by the file case) today to see if either are comfortable for you to use. Remember, that Chrome bag is not the smallest.

    Other stuff: I've contacted HR for you. I'll forward what responses I get.
    Due to various non-work related emails going about I now know that Fox and I have been dating for 1398 days.
    Sadly, I don't have an exact date Aetrix and I started dating so I can't give an exact figure.
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