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Last week, aetrix9 and I spent two days in Milwaukee. We got to town around 4pm and checked into The County Clare Inn, a lovely little Irish inn on the east side of Milwaukee, a few blocks from the lake side (and more importantly, a very short trip to Alterra coffee). I highly recommend the inn for anyone wanting to visit the city. It's located near all the useful bus lines and within walking distance of the nice areas of Milwaukee. Plus, it's Irish. Everyone loves an Irish Inn.

We had reservations for the Safe House at 7 so we wandered about the streets looking into shops, getting amazing coffee from Alterra Coffee which is, in my opnion, the single best coffee roaster in America. Seriously. It's not every day where you find a roast that makes an espresso that goes down like butter, like caffeinated butter. Dude, no contest.

The Safe House is a spy themed bar. It's located in a dark alley and behind a series of secret passages. You need a password to get in and the only way to get the password is word of mouth, the staff don't tell you. They will, however, let you make a complete ass of yourself to gain entry. It is worth making an ass of yourself because all the people already in the bar can see you. And we love it when you make an ass of yourself.

The food was incredibly unexciting, thus we ordered salsa and decided to go elsewhere for BBQ later that night. We did, however, each order The Great Spytini. It's a $14 martini that is shaken via vacuum tube that spins around your head, above the restaurant. It also comes with souvenir shaker and glass. Yay! It was, actually, a damn good martini. The vacuum tubes mix the drink insanely well. I, who prefers my martinis like my women (dirty [snap]), was quite impressed at this unassuming and supple martini.

After getting me nicely drunk from that and half of Aetrix's martini, we got tastey BBQ and went back to the hotel to relax before hittng Wolski's. Uh.. we ended up getting distracted at the hotel and never made it to Wolski's. However, Aetrix does bear the bruises that say it was damn worth the missed bar. Quite worth it.

Thursday was jamed with fantastic coffee, freakin' amazing food and art. The Milwaukee Art Museum has to be one of the coolest features of artistic architecture I've seen. Every morning when it opens, a giant bird on top of the museum opens its wings gracefully over the water. It's very neat to watch. It is slow and deliberate and quiet, the last being most surprising. I think that was my favorite part of the whole place. The exhibits were nice, MAM has an impressive display of artistic cabinetry design over the last 400 years along ith a neat installation piece that shows how craftsmen make a chair. I rather like when the design can be part of the art. Further, I got this amazing watch from MAM's gift shop. It is so pretty.

Of note that final day, Aetrix and I went to the graves of Pabst, Blatz and Schlitz. These three, along with Miller, were the folk that made Milwaukee the beer capital of the USA - and for the world for a time. As the three died they each constructed tombs that tried to out do the other manufacturers. I say, though, that relative size of the tomb reflects the success of the brewmaster. Sadly, this theory is only tentative because Miller, who was arguably second in popularity at the time, has no tomb among the rest. HE is buried with his FAMILY on their estate.

At this point we remembered that I had brought my camera and took shots of the graves. They are, to say the least, pretty impressive.

Croped shot. Blatz, God Among The Dead.

Way to go, Blatz. Now click the pic for the gallery.

It was a lovely trip. I hate to gloss over the last day but we did so much. We went to Koppa's grocer for $2.50 BLTs and gorged on those. We went to Sendik's grocer, which is, essentially, God's Grocery. Organic produce, fresh sea food and pastries and an Orange Raper. This machine pushes oranges through an iron maiden to get the juice. It's SCARY.

    Other places ventured
  1. Schwartz's Books
  2. Artasia
  3. Alterra
  4. 3rd Ward
  5. Apollo for Greek food

It was, simply, a fanastic two days away with Aetrix- bumps and bruises and all.
Much love to my darling in her time of trouble. Hopefully these pics will brighten you when you see them.
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