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It's only money.

This was, quite easily, the best holiday I've ever had. My mother was up. I've not spent a christmas with her since I was twelve (I'm twenty-three now). We didn't do much, really. lady_fox and I decided to go a little crazy for her with stocking stuffers that mutated into full on gift giving. My mother, being very, very broke wasn't expecting or likely wanting any major gift exchange. Currently she's stuck in a part of the country that doesn't fundamentally accept her for who she is. I've already posted about all that.

Suffice it to say that she's broke and moving back to Sedona, Az which makes all of us insanely happy. This is likely why she finally decided to visit for christmas, which is quite the expense as it is. Fox and I ended up getting her a box of chocolates, "Wisdom of the Dalai Lama" calendar, some of Fox's soap, $50 BP gas gift card, piles of nuts, fruit and other candies, I hand made her a bracelet, adorable cat slipper socks, and something else I completely forgot. Further, I gave her a check for $200 to help her move.

She had asked me a few weeks back if I could give her some money. At the time I figured I could give her $100 easily but not much more. Gift giving was looking fairly bleak given the state of monies - that is until I got my bonus and worried crumbled. I tell you, it was the greatest thing to give her that check - twice what she asked and nearly all she'd need to move. I can only imagine how difficult it was even to ask me for the money, especially when there'd be no hope for a return.

I don't think I can describe the situation well enough. My mother was quite surprised and moved. She cried a little after she opened everything, saw the gas card and the check. Then we watched Gilmore Girls and napped.

It was family and love. It was unconditional.

We saw The Producers as well. It has taught me the following: it's OK to kill millions of Jews if you keep it gay.
Funniest movie ever.

I missed aetrix9. Hopefully she got my text yesterday. I just feel weird calling her when she's at home when her parents don't really know about me.

Happy Boxing day, all. Time to return that sweater.

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It's very dead here. Very few people in the office. The only email I'm getting are things in which I Cc myself.
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