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Manifest Destiny

I enveloped myself in a blanket of politics
left of the middle. The cooing drips with fluids.
The ensuing orgy, where many regaled me of their own deitation revealed to me
that I am no longer 1 alone, seeking.

I am cloistered in that I ignobly ignore all others
that are the source of blinding light. I am just dim.
But I am not forlorn. My divine right
is as reverent as any, even if the source of my augury cannot beat up your SOURCE.
Acceptance: I cannot respect a god that uses all capital letters.
It is arrogant, el1te.
They still degrade themselves by being in my bed.
To be touched by and to touch an untouchable
is degrading to the untouchable.
You are not above me.
A deity can stand above himself
and simultaneously below all others.

The cycle does not end with the trappings of right
thinking. I will inherit myself; in doing so taking others with me.
In self security, there is strength and the rolling acceptance of today.
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