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I have one of these now. lady_fox and I decided to open gifts early because we didn't want to open piles of things in front of my mother this weekend. Problematically, it's not working so well with my workstation OS. Certain button combinations seems to "disconnect" it from my PC so I'm unable to practice. I imagine part of the problem is that there aren't XP drivers for it anywhere as it is supposed to be connected to mobile devices. I hope my laptop will accept it more gracefully than my workstation.

I think the keyboard is jealous.
Grr argh.

Sidenote: If I can eject a CD with no detriment to my system, I should be able to remove a USB device without needing to disconnect it from the system tray.
Stoopid Windows.

So.... how do you get work done the day before a holiday weekend?
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