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WPR is discussing integrity in modern America. Of course, politicians came up as a topic. specifically, Feingold and McCain came up as some of the best examples of politicians with integrity.

Kathleen Dunn suggested the possibility of a third party Feingold-McCain ticket in 08.
I think I died of amusement - both that it would be a strong ticket and that Feingold and McCain would kill eachother.

Certainly better than Nader.

I should also point out that Quaker Steak and Lube has inferior chicken wings, lube jobs to BW3.
Though they're still better than Nader.
Every year my job donates 3 $100 checks to charities of my choice in my name.
    My charities
  1. Dane County Humane Society
  2. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
  3. Wisconsin Public Radio

The Humane Society has a disclaimer that we limit our donation to $10k. Apparently people here like animals more than people.

Edit: We've alredy reached the 10k cap as of 11:18am. The email that donations were set up came at 10:39am.
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