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Not fat!

Talking with Paul Campos, author of The Obesity Myth.
Caller: "If you don't think there's an obesity problem, you should spend a day in the Dells."

I &hearts NPR.

Keeping with the theme, my weight has leveled out. Last month it seemed that my waist was dropping again when I noted that I was using the last notch on my cool belt; I believe I lamented needing to buy a new one a few weeks in the future. Happily (?), I've needed to make no such purchase. I think my hips, which are quite easily found these days, are going to decrease the likelihood that I'll need to buy smaller clothes in the near future.

Undeterred by my body's aparent disregard for my size, I added 20 pounds on every machine I use at the gym and increased all my reps by at least 50%, if not 100%. I think my abs hate me but in that good S/M sort of way. My arms, on the other hand, hate me in the Hitler-hates-Jews sort of way but this is because I generally neglected my arms - so it's clearly my own fault.

While I may not be losing inches, I've been noting my body getting tighter which is incredibly heartening. My skin still has much work to do but that's already starting to look better especially with my back and bum. I imagine the inevitable weight gain I'll be getting from the added resistance and reps will help flesh my flesh out some.

I don't think I've spoken about the gym in a while. It's become routine now. Less important or new in my life is the case, really. At this point I don't classify myself as anyhing but chubby on the bad days adn that's been pretty standard for the last two months or so. Perhaps because it's no longer a dynamic state, I'm less inclined to inform you all. Sadly, the lack of dynamism means the "I"ve lost 70 lbs since last year" phrase is less true. In fact, it may be ONLY 30 or 40 lbs since last December. Ah well, I think I can handle that. I may have less impressive numbers now but the results are clearly visible. I just wish my face wasn't imploding.

Woo skinny!
I got a digital copy of my high school graduation pictures. I was not nearly this heavy when I entered college as I lost a lot of weight before attending due to various nefarious dealings. I was 260ish in the picture on the left. When I got to college I was about 215. I graduated from college at 230. Now, I'm 172, picture on the right.

Fatty McFatterton. 260ishCrazy Lippyface. 172

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