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Kill you all.

Oh, I'll get you, person-that-called-my-work-line-for-Swiss-Colony. I'll get you yet.
The fact that they called from an outside phone to my direct line is both nefarious and clever, that way I didn't get a call back number. Unless the new phone system is just terrible. Curses for not having all of my coworkers voices memorized.

Potential evil doers: madolan, evilevi, and a handful of people on associated teams that may be reading my journal surreptitiously....
I'm on to you.
Reprocessed SPAM!

Russ Feingold is amazing. This petition is an bipartisan effort to show support for a rewriting of the Patriot Act, one where we can keep our freedoms. Feingold is leading the charge and threatening a filibuster if the Senate isn't willing to rework the Patriot act as it is. Show your support and click the link below.

If you won't do it for me, do it for Sally Struthers because I'll send her to your house to kick your ass if you don't fill out the petition.

Well, it would seem that the person that keeps calling knows I tend to leave at 4pm as I got another message at 4:03pm. That leaves two people.

Now, too formulate my revenge.
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