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These late nights at work just sort of crept up on me. I was worried that my hours would extend when I accepted a TL position, I just didn't expect to seek late nights. That's the really weird part. I'm getting to the point that I have so many things to do, so many projects coming to a head at the same time, that I'm releived when I get a chance to work on them.

Explain this to me: What sort of person is one that enjoys working late? That's thepart that's realy weird. I'm in a camp for the whole day today and then plan on hang out in our commons with my laptop working on interface designs for a meeting Wednesday afternoon. Now, the interface doesn't need to be anything exciting. We just need to come up with basic workflows and important features adn place tem o a few screens. I don't think the design guys are even expecting anything in color, or even in pen. Yet, I'm going to full photoshop mock ups of what I want before I show up at the meeting... the meeeting I made to design the interface.

I've even set aside the entire morning of Wednesday to do mock ups. So... I've got essentially 10 hours of a day blocked to work on this but I'm going to stay late tonight to do it? I never would have figured I'd like this sort of thing, choose to do it.

I spoke with lady_fox about it this morning. The reasons I'm doing all this really boils down to me being an over acheiver, especially in situations with time crunches or I have a lot on my plate (but not to much). And maybe I just can't see interface design as work, I don't really want to spend all day tomorrow doing it. I have other issues tht are somewhat more important. Further, inteface design is like web design. It is neat, relatively basic and an excuse to make pretty things in Photoshop.

In the end, I'm just crazy. Crazy like crazybunnyman....
Side note: My back is now more comfortable upright than when slouching. Go me!

Edit: You all should go look at pictures of The Party That Didn't Happen. Warning, many shirtless people.
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