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I'm... who??

Capt Kathryn Janeway
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<this space reserved to entertain rianywn> Hopefully this is entertaining....

My creativity is chaotic. Really chaotic. I got it from my mother, apparently, as lady_fox and I discovered last weekend. I guess my mother has done precisely the same thing. The only exception seems to be photography which we bboth can do all the time. I think that's because photography is much mre fluid, it's an art form that doesn't realy need to be preconcived to be highly artistic.

She (my mother) and I, it seems, every few months get The Urge to create something. What that something is changes very regularly adn in an unsequenced way. For example, right before went to college I was writing vehemently. When I got to campus and tried to write, I was comlpetely blocked but images still came to me. I couldn't get rid of them; it got to the point that I couldn't sleep or would wake up due to the flow of a few specific images that kept poking me.

Freaking (relatively speaking) out, I tried to sculpt it and magically it went away. For a little while I started sculpting where I had never sculpted before. It was weird, especially how easily it came. I should note that it was hardly good and lacked any technical skill, but they were what I needed.

The point is that I've hit a new creative spark and for the first time I'm recognizing prvious points i my life where I had this same spark, though now it's a bit more robust. Around the time my parents were divorced, I started making jewelry - necklaces and bracelets. These generally consisted of beads and leather cords put in symmetrical order. I generally used bone adn plastic becauese there were no good bead stores that I knew about, not that I cared as a child. It was basic but fundamentally about beading jewelry. It seems that this has cycled back.

I made this last Sunday
Please ignore my ucky skin blemishes.

I apologize for the quality but the lighting was difficult and I couldn't exactly get a good focus, little time to adjust you see. It's kinda neat (the creativity), albeit it ultimately frustrating that I can't find a regular cycle to it. What I find much more cool is that I am picking some of the technique up quickly, like those knots for example. I managed to impress, a little, aetrix9 when I showed her how I tied them, which is apparently different than how she does. Innovation! Plus, pride that I impressed someone that I consider far more craft-capable than I.

We shall see if I can continue to do so, positive reinforcement an all. Maybe when I start metal weaving, something that looks incredibly cool.

About this necklace:
What I like the most about this is the apparent symmetry of it. At first glance it looks completely balanced, the large endless knots frame it nicely. Actually, I'm surprised I like it so much since I'm usually obseseed with symmetry. While I was making it, I had the red, spacer adn blue beads on and liked the pacing. But I was curious how it would look with two spacers, which I also liked, but like it even more as a whole, two spacers on one and one spacer on the other. It was subtle. :)

Regardless, I'm happy. This time around I have the desire and ability to study techniques and actually learn to patiently create these things. In fact, I spent oodles of money on beads, tools and containers last night at Tropic Jewelry. I have Stuff! I hope this lasts. I have a project for me and Fox about which I keep taunting her. It is intended to conceptually mimc something that Aetrix and I have, matching bracelets.

Yeah, I know. I'm girlier than my primary. Shush.
Final Fantasy potion!
I wants one!
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