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I wish I were symmetrical

I've decided that my posture is unacceptable. It is likely contributing to me continued neck pain, though my neck is feeling OK so long as I don't jerk it in weird directions. The point being is that my back is rather uncomfortable and I have to keep reminding myself that I must sit up straight and try to touch type, which I'm doing right now with very little correction - clearly I'm improving but still lose it when I have to delete. Posture is a pain, especially since my body is abnormally tilted. I have to remember not only to sit up straight (not look at the key board) but also hold my left shoulder lower. Missing about 3 pounds of arm throws everything off so damn much. Everything is compounding! Missing arm and subsequent adaptations have probably all contributed to my current back, neck pain. Lame. Typing has become my new enemy.

Looking at the keyboard all day doesn't help the situation and in fact find that my body feels better when I sit up straight and touch type. This will get significantly better when I buy one of these Frogpad keyboards the moment I have $130 to spare. If I had only known they existed sooner. Thanks to Aerix for turning me on to them.

That something like that exists is neat. Now, just to figure out how to use mouse and keyboard quickly in tandem.

Je suis branché, which leads to my next point.

iTunes rocks. You can share music across a network so I'm currently listening to A Short History of Nearly Everything right now. It's cool, stuff I already knew, but better than the online radio feeds we're not to use here. Bill Bryson has an very nice voice though he's kind of dull otherwise. Emote, man! Science writing deserves emotion as well.

    Strikes against iTunes, though:
  1. Tooltip for iTunes on the task bar doesn't include somg/artist info.
  2. Right click on mini iTunes doesn't give me access to any menu options.

I'm greatly looking forward to OS X going live on Intel architecture. I'm going to switch as soon as penabled tablet functions are accessible and function, since it's slightly different than touch sensitive PCs. Chances are, though, Apple has already developed, tested and approved the functions and just not told anyone yet.

Anyone used Sage before? I'm trying to aggregate LJ, other blogs and news feeds on my computers. Sage integrates directly with Firefox but I have not heard anything about it. What do you all use for RSS aggregates?

-idle thoughts-
Now with a stable OS, single hand keyboard, and webcams I just need a small monitor to mount on my glasses and I can try out wearable computing. That would be fun, especially when Madison goes wireless.

That wouldn't help my back though.

Funny news: FCC open to A La Carte cable
I was just bitching talking about this with Fox this weekend. Though I completely disagree with WHY the FCC is considering it, the outcome makes me happy. Choose your channels? yay! Keep things from your children because they're "too young?" Boo!

From: Person
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 12:51 PM
To: Me
Subject: RE: Dean and Chiropractic care


Stay away from the Chiro clinic (Madison Chiropractic Clinic I think) that just across from the West side Dean Clinic. The one that’s just east of the beltline and just south of Old Sauk Road. I’ve been there before and the guy’s a quack. He also has an east side location by the mall on Eagan or around there. DON'T GO THERE.
From: Me
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2005 12:55 PM
To: Person
Subject: RE: Dean and Chiropractic care

Thanks for the info and warning.
Darn quacks -chiropractic quacks can be especially devastating with their bills.

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