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Dance magic, dance.

You are Reno...
You are RENO. Yeah, admit it, you're a smart-ass.

What Final Fantasy VII character are you?
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Eh? I don't care for Reno much, but he is the less evil of the Turks. Vincent was my favorite but I'm so not him any more - too brooding.

Where can I *ahem* find Advent Children?
11 hour works days? Actually not too bad. I felt pretty good abut myself for doing it, emailing people like a fiend and whatnot, getting things done. Makes you feel less like a speck of dust when you know you're the only one to get something done. From my estimate this morning, I tested 180 cases for this single log last night. The cases themselves were pretty short, just a gigantic amount of them.

Tonight? Tonight is Inferno with shortcakeness and lady_fox, probably around 9ish. It should be fun times and a fusion night.. but what the hell is Deco Body and Soul night? I don't get it. Mayhap everyone will look all Art Deco-y after consuming the Jell-o shots provided?

Edit: Apparently the site is wrong. It is Heacen Vs. Hell tonight. (I like being on the mailing list.)

From Alex Hall:
The Tuaca promo girls will be at Fusion giving out a ski full of shots (that's 4 shots at a time). These shots will NOT be free, as some people thought the last promo shots were. However, we still will have plenty of jello shots at the door (for the first 50 people) and the big round at midnight. We will also be giving away 5 FREE BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE to the sexiest looking couples we see!

Marla and Jade have their subs ready for the show. Heaven goes on at Midnight. Hell is on at 1am. What do the fates have in store? You'll have to show up to find out!!!

The Core Weekly says that the Vegas spread for this show is Heaven by joke... So lets show them who REALLY rules at Fusion!!!

For those of you who read "Costumes Expected", that does not mean that they are required. We are glad to accept all the little angels and devils that show up on our doorstep.

Anyone who is inquiring about guestlist privileges for the show, email me back no later than 3pm Friday. Only those people with confirmations should expect to be on the list.

And for those of you who cant decide to dress as a little angel or a little devil, that's a moral decision. And I am in no way qualified to make that decsion for you, cause I have no morals...

I'm very interested in the demonstrations.

Advice requested: What to wear? I haven't goth clothes, really, and I'd prefer not to wear the same black and red ensemble from a previous visit - which, while it looks nifty, doesn't fit with the club's motif. I'm considering making a stop at Hot Topic tonight to find something that would fit. However, the clothes are designed for daid type people more than me, who am pretty average these days. (I still can't believe I wear small sizes these days....)

I should also note that I mention these things because you should come and dance with us. Yes, you. Yes. Stop arguing.
Compersion is when they come back from date still wanting you.
Giles' CD makes me sadder and sadder the more I listen to it.'s so... BAD!
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