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There'd be no "2"!

Attack of the Killer LJ Formatting!

1. All of my music at work is making me depressed which is patently unacceptable.
Such can expected of listening to Greensleeves (lyrics), for which I have always had a soft spot. Why this is so for artists such as Oingo Boingo or (to be specific) R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People (lyrics) is beyond me. There is no emotional reason to be down and funk-y what with any tumultuous moments very nicely cleaned up last night.

(I think its lack of sun light. Oh NOES.
I'm S.A.D.!)

I wish to reiterate that communication is a very, very good thing. as difficult as it can be at first, it's a lot easier to fix any issues when both parties are actively engaged in fixing things. It is all worth it to be told, to know, that the other person feels better know than they did before abuot everything. I &hearts </a></b></a>foxy and </a></b></a>aytree. Like whoa, do I hearts them.

1. smed is alive... well, she was when we departed company on Friday. I can't vouch for her safety at the Pucky Bucky game that night.

A few things that I'm willing to speak about Friday for now:

  • smed is a lot of surl in a small package, this is a very good thing IMO.
  • Big Smed is, in fact, big - but like teddy bear big rather than scary Daid big.
  • thegman169 is very, very quiet. I think there was some thin' non-verbal going on between he and </a></b></a>
  • Tutto Pasta is much more expensive and less good than I recall. Boo!

    It was a good night out with new people. Now, </a></b></a>fox and </a></b></a>i just need to convince them to move closer to Madison so we can have more full time friends. :)

    1. Noodly appendage.

    1. Met a totally nifty person on OKCupid last week. I mention again simply because how quickly she and I got along on AIM. I think OKCupid may actually have some merit to the way they make potential matches. Our humor is surprisingly similar.
    There. I feel better now.

    Thought to consider, savagely thieved from </a></b></a>:

    Odd thought: one might argue that history itself is dying, simply because there is so much carryover of information. In fact, we might have entered what might be considered a persistent modern age, where sufficient distance from subject and historian ceases to be meaningful, due to the amount of info out there.

    What use is there for a historian when a generation documents itself so completely that there's nothing much to study about the recent past? What conjectures can be drawn when every shred of detail on a subject can be googled (or whatever serves for such, 20 years from now)?

    I think I'll ramble about this later, but I know that thecoweyed and I have talked about some similar issues with writing vs. remembering cultures. First thoughts on this: when you have no history, you have no true story tellers.
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