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Reams to rolls

My ascension to godhood was not as slow as one would like,
unlike what she believes. Deity becoming, or "dietation" as it will come to be known, is simply a matter of redefining one's life.

A lens, applied internally, cuts apart Atmos - as He was originally intended. His chair, stacked upon reams of parchment, tho parchment comes in rolls, is a testament to my power over him. My sheer audacity, or lack of conviction, put him on that chair. His eternity, as dictated by incorrect grammar (by myself) is no longer his concern.

He would cry if I gave him tear ducts.
This will no longer suit.
Him or me.

Deification: this implies an external degree of becoming a god. Excessive praise and such.

Deitation is a purely internal deification, thus the need for a new word to create a purely suibjective experience. However, after the process is complete, the power the god has becomes as absolute as the power of triune object-subject-quality. See Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for further clarificaion of this truine classification.
Myself or himself.
Selves conjoined by stacked chairs and my command.

Stand up, little man, stand up.
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