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Some of my dreams are just being silly now.
I dreamed about Ranjan Roy (with whom I never had class) coat racks, LJ polls and other separate and strange things of a nature not suitable for children under the age of 13.

I should note that these naughty dreams occurred very, very far from dreams about Ranjan. I just want to make that very clear.
Half of my team went to Vegas for a three day weekend.
Dinner with smed, thegman169 and smed's brother tonight. Little nervous, mostly because the balance is thrown off by the brother. He's not really invested in getting to know me and Fox. More on that tonight, most likely.
Singing turkey. gobble gobble?
I'm struck by the irony of the meaning of gobble and that it is the word we use to describe turkey sounds.
...been up less than two hours and already a discussion about my balls has happened.
I love Fridays.
(His are the biggest balls of them all!)
Dear Microsoft,

Screw you and your "Manual of Style."

&hearts Will
I think I want to make Banana's Foster over French Toast on Sunday..
Mm.. brown sugar and rum. Damn, don't have any rum though.
Watched Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior. It's so silly but the main actor is fucking bad ass. He RAN ON PEOPLE'S HEADS without wires. Just up and on a crowd of people. He could also leap OVER CARS without a spring board.

Also, Muay Thai is very, very vicious.. in case you weren't aware.
Funny things Pat Robertson has said. And he thinks he's doing right by God and Country...
Bush administration fits 14 characteristics of fascist regimes.
(video of some sort stolen from labelle77.)
Why isn't it 4 yet? 9 hours of work seems way to long on a Friday.
This may make me a jerk.. but a funny jerk.
This entry is just going to get ramblier and ramblier as the day goes. :)
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