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Completed my first Civilization 4 game last night and I completely blame the French for my low-ish score, well that and my first game starting on an easy, easy difficulty level. Mostly, it was the a cause de la francaise.

You see, war is a pain in the ass when you have to transport units across the world, especially when you've only got 3 spaces of cargo per galleon created. It took me over a century to get them to back down and re-conquer two cities they trounced in the early stages. I wrote about this early as completely a personal failing by leaving BCE warriors in my first 5 cities and subsequently forgetting to bolster arms at ANY point in the ensuing years. Due to the fact, however, that I had 14 cities, 10 on the same continent, I was easily able to take my cities back. The fact that I took three of their cities in retaliation isn't my fault per se, but a consequence of not accepting the treaty they offered when I razed Chartres. Clearly a miscommunication.... When Napoleon said he wanted peace I thought he said he wanted A Piece, which I was happy to give him several pieces of my SAM infantry.

Sadly, this whole "butchering of the frenchies" process consumed over a century of time in which I wasn't building the Apollo program and the subsequent SS parts to winx0rs the game. Had I not gone to war with the French I may well have completed the space race in the mid 19th century instead of 2017. My score of 7900 and some change was pretty bad, really, but OK for a first game when I'm still trying to understand the new game mechanics.

    Important Lessons Learned:
  • Warriors do NOT make for long lasting defensive measures (oops)
  • Putting more cities on cultural borders increases the chance if city flipping.
  • To win a cultural victory, you really need to put cultural improvements, great people into border lands.
  • I hate conquest victory unless accomplished before the switch to Common Era.
    -Pleasingly, you can turn off certain victory conditions without point penalty.
    be hella broken for cultural victory
  • Taking that extra few turns after victory to build ICBMs and nuke the stupid out of the French is ALWAYS worth it.

The next game I've chosen to play as Gandhi, spiritual (no anarchy) and industrious (+50% to wonder creation). I'm thinking, though, that a civilization whose leader is Philosophical (+100% to great people birth rate) and Industrious may be the way to be for cultural victory. Building wonders quickly and producing more great people in border lands would school on the cultural push . However, there are no Philosophical + Industrious leaders, potentially for that reason. I may need to delve into modding and make my own civilization to use this. But I am lazy and wouldn't bother recoloring the art and such. I may just take a civilization whose art I like and adopt it... most likely the Egyptians. Though Gandhi’s Fast Worker special unit may reap huge benefits in mid-late game play....

I think I may hook up the American Indian tribes for a Philosophical/Industrious leader. I vaguely recall in Civ 2 that Sitting Bull was such. At least such is my impression. In the end, that doesn't matter.

Settings for new game:
Gandhi, Noble, Huge map, Epic, Continents, low sea level, Tropical, No Conquest Allowed. I like jungles and less boat travel. My aim is a cultural victory or domination victory. Secondary goal: convert the entire game to Buddhism (as well as founding all of the religions myself. ;))

For graye:

I'm sad that this is the most interesting thing (IMO) I have to post about.

  • I've been reading "Finding Serenity" adn it is incredibly cool.
  • Cooking goes well, though last night was leftover night.
  • I forgot that I own fd_midori's rope book and have been neglecting that.

    My experimentation (as it relates to the last point) seems to have stalled. I don't know why but I don't ilke it.
    Vatican Bitchslaps Intelligent Design/Fundamentalist/Creationists... sort of
    -"The fundamentalists want to give a scientific meaning to words that had no scientific aim," [Cardinal Paul Poupard, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture] said.
    link stolen from alaman
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